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SpinFlow 4.1 Features

With SpinFlow 4.1 you can mantain different alignment operations. Queue alignment operations are separated from hardware corrections. Small hardware alignment corrections do not influence on preview any more. Only image corrections subsequent from RIP stations, like centering, rotations, area ignorations, dedicated for separated queues are visible on preview.
New SpinFlow 4.1 allows to use an additional feature called "Load Balancing". It detects and balance printers workload. This enables efficient utilization of available capacity for installations with more than one SpinJet (or Designjet), and ensures optimal throughput.
SpinFlow 4.1 also contains a new set of wizards and built-in tutorials necessary for Spinny beginners.

New Features detailed list
  • Built-in wizards and tutorials.
  • Persistent queues states.
  • Queue receiving status led indicators.
  • Detailed job information window.
  • Skew measurement calculator tool.
  • More conversions options.
  • Reversed auto-fit-best-fit.
  • Context menus in processing window.
  • Wildcards page matching.
  • Load balancing feature (must be purchased separately! images.jpg).
  • 'n' print copies and Fast reprint possibilities.
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