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SpinFlow software

– the SPINJET PRINTER SERVER - is the data interface between host Pre-Press Systems (RIPs or Workflow systems), Signage and Poster printing production servers on one side,  and the TechSage SPINJET double-sided proofing systems on the other side.

SpinJet is a hardware accessory for Hewlett-Packard's DesignJet printers that allows double-sided printing without operator's assistance (
SpinFlow capabilities are in some ways similar to a printer driver and in some ways far more sophisticated.

When creating double-sided imposition proofs, the SpinFlow software is capable of receiving data using many input methods and formats, and send the result to the DesignJet printer.
Workflow system queues helps you organizing a self-controlling production environment.


Capturing Data: Data is captured from a range of host systems as defined in input file methods. The queue method ensures front and back impositions from different operators cannot be inadvertently mixed up. Advance page matching functionality facilitates high degree of automated processing.

Processing: Single or paired jobs are registered and orientated for correct alignment, ink reduction may be applied. Tag line with date and time may be added.

Print to SPINJET: Output jobs to Printer in register, auto-rotating the job to minimise paper wastage, and controlling the SPINJET for single-sided or double-sided proofing.

Features included are:

  • Multiple input queues for different systems and users.
  • TIFF and HP RTL native input files formats.
  • Input via Hot Folder, Manually Selected file, TCP/IP-RAW, TCP/IP-LPD, FTP
  • Output via TCP/IP-RAW, Windows Driver, TCP/IP-LPD, Archive Only.
  • Parallel job receiving, processing and printing, using many HP printers simultaneously.
  • Set-ups different job types: Work & Turn, Single-Sided, Work & Tumble, Sheet Work.
  • Auto centering of the front and back impositions.
  • Auto rotation of jobs to save paper (autofit/best fit option).
  • “n” Jobs saved for fast reprint.
  • Ink Reduction.
  • Centering of impositions onto paper.
  • Onscreen  thumbnail views for fast and accurate job recognition.
  • Transparent scalable preview for double-sided adjustment view and correction.
  • Web-based user server access.
  • Load Balancing (new.gif must be purchased separately!  SpinFlow 4.X only!)
  • Wildcards page matchings (new.gif SpinFlow 4.X only !)
  • Built-in Wizards and Tutorials (new.gifSpinFlow 4.X only !)
  • Built-in job and skew Measurement Tools (new.gif SpinFlow 4.X only !)

Software requirements:
MS Windows operating system. Preferably Windows XP Professional.
One of many popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla) with enabled popup windows (for WebGUI only).

Hardware requirements:
PC (not included!) with minimum requirements:
- Intel Pentium IV 1.6 GHz Processor
- 512 MB RAM
- 80 GB Harddisk
- PCI 100 Base/T Network Card

PC (not included!) with recommended requirements:
- Intel Pentium IV 3.0 GHz Processor
- 1024 MB RAM
- 80 GB Harddisk
- PCI 100 Base/T Network Card

Input formats supported:
- 4 color CMYK 32 bit

- 3 color CMY 24 bit
- 3 color RGB 24 bit 
- 6 color CMYKLcLm 48 bit

- Files with Index color (in all of the above formats)and own palette, max 8 bits per index.
TIFF Contone:
- CMYK 32 bit

- RGB 24 bit
- Greyscale 8 bit bit 
- TIFF with user palette

icon.pngSpinFlow 3.2 version - Click here to read more about SpinFlow 3.2.

icon2.pngSpinFlow 4.X version - Click here to read more about new SpinFlow 4.1 features.
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