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Minimize SpinFlow 4.X series ChangeLog
SpinFlow v4.1.0
(compared to version 4.0.6)

 - Support for SpinJet Z6100

 - Spelling errors

SpinFlow v4.0.6
(compared to version 4.0.5)

 - Speed problems on SpinJet 1000
 - Setting folder paths outside "Application Data" folder in the "Global Configuration" tab

 - Disabled the printer wizard on startup
 - Spinflow can be started only once (single instance)

SpinFlow v4.0.5

(compared to version 4.0.4)

 - Ink reduction for 1bpp files, 6 interval (operation) levels.
 - RTL corrupted files skew compensation error.
 - Ignore area at bottom.

 - Wait until ready state option available for SpinJet5000/SpinJet5500

SpinFlow v4.0.4
(compared to version 4.0.3)

 - Input File corrections for some corrupted packbit compressions (bug exist since 4.0)
 - Corrections for 1bpp RGB format: (additional information black boxes, Rotate, flip horizontal, movex)
 - Skew didn't work when easy rotation didn't overlap.
 - SpinFlow Engine is always started at application startup.
 - Image disturbtion for DesignJet 4000 b/w bidirectional special prints.
 - Designjet4000 enhance print quality for all prints (general TIFFS and RTLS) !

 - Few new user messages when file access is denied.
 - Detailed DateTime informations for log file and also software version.
 - Send into printer when it is in "Ready" state as an option.
 - Possibility to select 24 inch roll.
 - Checking if Microsoft.NET v1.1 Service Pack 1 is installed, automatical browser window open for missing system components.

SpinFlow v4.0.3
(compared to version 4.0.2)

 - 3sec. Pause for DesignJet 4000.
 - support for 1 bit RGBPalette DesignJet 4000 files.

 - Indexed 1Bpp RGBPalette files decolourized.
 - Export settings when no licence key found
 - NotSet is checked propely in the whole system
 - Jaged file corrections to packbit corrections :-) (bug exist since 4.0)
 - Corrections to new 1bpp RGB format: (additional information black boxes, Rotate, flip horizontal, movex)

SpinFlow v4.0.2
(compared to version 4.0.1)

 - new RTL error corrections (when file is received not completely)
 - Possibility to setup different queue name for LPD queues than SpinFlow queue name.

SpinFlow v4.0.1
(compared to version 4.0.0)

 - Preview generation for images wider than roll width.
 - Exception when changing printers with another print mode.
 - LPD/LPR compatibility protocol for some workflows (Agfa PrintDrive)

 - new wildcards character [=]
 - Application multilanguage environment (Polish language support)
 - Installer multilanguage environment (Polish, Danish, Dutch, German and much more...)

 - AutoFit/BestFit option take into account selected Easy Rotations.
 - possibility to cancel printing for next copies (more than one copy selected)
 - Printing progress bar stops at 50% before second print starts.

SpinFlow v4.0.0
(compared to version 3.2.8)

 - Missing frame on left side of print for 1bpp files in some movexy operations and some flip horizontal operations.
 - Advanced page matching mechanisms
 - Advanced Page Matched Jobs are properly restored from archive whe application starts.
 - Measurements on preview.
 - FTP Input: one file added many times.
 - LPD/LPR and FTP daemons do not aggreate files and consume memory anymore.
 - LPD/LPR and FTP Protocols Advanced Page Matching corrections.
 - InputQueues pane visibility problem for The same fileNames when receiving through LPR/LPD protocol
 - Pause for input queues.
 - Double sided same data corrections.
 - enlarge functionalities for queues + spinjets
 - New Windows Gui Layout and behaviour -
 - New Web Gui Layout and behaviour
 - Files from hot folder are not moved into internal filesystem but red from direct location.
 - Cancel job only before printing avoid spinjet hardware problems.

 - Load Balancing :-)
 - Load balancing: assign printer with suitable roll width option
 - Load Balancing: hardware mispositions corrections do not influence on preview.
 - Calibration Wizard.
 - SpinFlow state is saved when user closes application. All jobs positions are kept and saved in their queue places.
 - Fast Reprint possibility if KeepResultsForFastReprint option is set.
 - "Queue Receiving" information when someone is copying files into SpinFlow filesystem (Hot Folder, LPd, Telnet).
     Status led in input queues pane (Processing Tab).
 - Possibility to clear all queued data without engine stop (Clear queues in "Others" Tab)
 - Pause/Resume/Stop Processing Job.
 - New icons for archive pane (windows and web gui) showing status: notprinted, notprocessed, processingerror, printingerror.
 - Job Information Window
 - Job contains info about Time when Received, Processed and Printed (visible in Job Information Window)
 - Destination is visible in Input Queue, when Queue is HotFolder it is folder path, when other is it destination IP
 - Outputs names in print queue and archive pane.
 - Skew Measurement Calculator tool.
 - Logs maximum size
 - Serialization of jobs is possible in every point in the system
 - More Conversion options manipulation possibilities. (3 tribes to setup 2bpp strength)
 - Number of copies in print queue. Possibility to print number of copies.
 - Logging type of incoming file
 - AutoFit/BestFit - normal and reversed.
 - Accepting licenses only for current software version.
 - Possibility to see License number in license manager window.
 - Frames are always visible properly on preview.
 - TIFF or tif - treated as one file extension.
 - XML Tutorial framework
 - New license manager - licenses for features, spinjets list.
 - Context menu for queues in processing tab.
 - Wildcards page matching.
 - High Priority queues.
 - Incoming Tiff packbit corrupted files correction, Esko FlexRip correction

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